The purpose of Internet access in the Library is to make available the vast array of information and research resources to the people of Brookston and Prairie Township. To accomplish this in a fair and equitable manner, the following policies have been adopted.


The public Internet at the Library may only be used for legal purposes. Examples of illegal purposes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Harassment of other users
  • Libeling or slandering other users
  • Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the library or other users
  • Disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications
  • Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials

The Internet must be used in accordance with policies of the Library. Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Violation of computer system security
  • Unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identification numbers
  • Violation of software license agreements
  • Violations of network usage policies and regulations
  • Interfering with system operation
  • Modifying the computers or software in any way. This includes downloading and installing programs or plug-ins on the computers
  • Degrading system performance in any way

Unlawful use or misuse of the Internet will result in suspension or termination of user access to these resources. The library staff will determine the appropriate action whether suspension or termination of privileges is imposed. All computer users must follow the Library Rules.

Brookston Prairie Township Public Library provides public wireless access to the Internet in select locations.
Wireless Internet content is filtered.
Patrons must provide their own computers.

Technical support for use of the wireless is not available.
Users of the wireless hotspots are subject to the terms of this policy.
The library cannot guarantee the privacy or safety of data and communications while using either wired or wireless services. Patrons need to be aware that wireless networks are inherently insecure, and it is strongly recommended that they secure their computers with firewall software and data encryption.

Internet content is filtered at the Brookston Prairie Township Public Library. Filtering makes the library compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Per the requirements of CIPA, library staff may disable the filtering software during any use by an adult to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purposes.
Computer users should be mindful that what they do on the Internet may be seen by others including children. Accessing sites that contain pornography, obscenity and/or other illicit materials is not permitted. Users that access one of these sites by mistake should exit immediately.

Since the Internet is a global electronic network, there is no federal/state/county control of its users or content. The Internet and its available resources may contain material of a controversial nature. The library cannot control access to material nor protect users from offensive data. As a part of its Computer, Internet and Safety Use Policy the Library highly recommends that parents read Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet, a publication available on the Internet. The library strongly recommends that parents use the Internet access services provided by the library with their children and that the parents provide appropriate supervision.
Library staff cannot control availability of information links which often change rapidly and unpredictably. Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information. Users need to be good information consumers, questioning the validity of the information they receive.
The Brookston Prairie Township Public Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from the use of its computers or Internet connection.

1. Everyone using the Internet must read the Computer, Internet and Safety Use Policy.
2. The Internet computer terminals may be used for one hour with ½ hour extensions up to 3 hours as long as no one is waiting.
3. Public computers in the Children’s Department are for children up to grade six.
4. Users who do not live in the library’s taxing district may request a guest pass from the Reference desk. Regular users of a guest pass should request a permanent guest pass.
5. Patrons must use their own card on a public Internet terminal.

The Brookston Prairie Township Public Library Board will annually review this Internet Policy.
The Brookston Prairie Township Public Library Board have reviewed and approved this Internet Policy effective June 2012. Reviewed & Approved June 12, 2012.